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Reverse osmosis water filter Drinking water is essential to life, but tap water and bottled water are not always free of pollution. Thanks to quality-tested reverse osmosis filtration systems of BestWater you can enjoy drinking water free of pollutants. No more contamination: No bacteria or viruses, no hormones, no drug residues, no nitrates, no chemistry, no lime ... Pure drinking water.
High quality water will result in a high quality life.


Ihr Vorteil: Reinstes vitales Trinkwasser für Ihre Gesundheit

Your benefits: health and fitness

Purest drinking water without germs and pollution

Healthy nutrition

Ideally suited to nutrition for babys/children

Purest flavor for beverages and feeding

Lime-free water

Care and protection for decades

Don't need to buy bottled water anymore Kein Flaschenwasser more kaufen

Removing pollutions from water

Germs, bacteria and viruses (e coli, legionella...)

Industrial chemicals, nitrates, pesticides

Pharmaceutical residues, antibiotics, hormones

Aluminium, Lead, Mercury and other heavy metals

Chlorine, lime, impurities, contaminations

radioactive components* remove radioactive  components

... and many others

up to over 99%




Zertifikate Prüfberichte Garantie - Bestwater Filtersysteme

BestWater Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Filter for Drinking Water worldwide Bestwater Trinkwasserfilter

Certified Technology · High-quality pollution-free materials · BestWater reverse osmosis filters from one of the leading manufacturers. Reliable systems to remove pollutants from the water. Equipped with multiple filter stages, high-quality membranes, automatic control and energizing modules. BestWater filter systems produce purest fresh and vital drinking water. The new generation of Direct Flow systems in compact design fulfills high quality standards and set global standards in the safe drinking water for households and commercial use. Made in Germany *

Umkehrosmose Water Filter Devices Bestwater


Light Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 22-00

The Jungbrunnen 22-00 molecular filter system is a base variant and ideal for a single household or a second home. Due to its small size, the system takes up very little space and can be used in virtually any kitchen...

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The Jungbrunnen 22-00 requires a line pressure of at least 3 bars and, despite its small size, produces a water flow rate of up to 180 litres of drinking water per day. Filter replacement and maintenance are very easy. With the unique pre-filter levels, filter changes can be done by anyone without any great effort. The pre-filters consist of one element and can be completely replaced along with the pre-filter housing. Cleaning the pre-filter is no longer needed at all, as the seals are replaced with the new pre-filter. These features make the Jungbrunnen 22-00 very robust and easy to maintain.

With its compact design, the Jungbrunnen 22-00 can fit almost anywhere in the kitchen. Wherever a conventional water supply is available, the system can be used. Ideally mounted under the sink, it can also be easily fixed to a wall mounting in the basement or in a closet. The combination of quick connectors and flexible pressure-resistant hoses guarantees easy connection to existing water supplies. By selecting high-quality components (some produced by BestWater internally), BestWater ensures that no undesirable residues pollute the water.

The Jungbrunnen 22-00 is equipped with a stainless steel water tap and is supplied in a ready state. The space requirements and the demands for the water connection are very low. The Jungbrunnen 22-00 system needs a standing surface which corresponds approximately in size to 3/4 of a bottle crate and the same applies to the storage tank.

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Plain Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 33-00

The Jungbrunnen 33-00 developed with proven molecular filter technology produces pure water for some applications in your small household. Here, the natural process of osmosis is reversed for an environmentally friendly form of water purification - and completely without electricity...

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The BestWater molecular filter and energising system can fit almost anywhere given its compact design. Whether in the home or in the office, the system can be used anywhere a conventional water supply is available. Ideally mounted under the sink in the kitchen, it can also be just as easily fixed on a wall mounting in the basement or in a closet. The combination of quick connectors and flexible pressure-resistant hoses guarantee easy connection to existing water supplies. By selecting high-quality components (some of our own production), BestWater ensures that no undesirable residues pollute the water.

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Classic Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 66-00

The Jungbrunnen 66 series developed with proven molecular filter technology produces pure water for many applications in your household. Here, the natural process of osmosis is reversed for an environmentally friendly form of water purification - and completely without electricity...

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The molecular filter system can be used with a water capacity of 280 litres of potable water per day for general applications in the home, such as for the daily drinking water needs of your family, cooking and food preparation and the operation of small coffee machines.

The integrated permeate pump ensures a more effective utilisation of the line pressure and this can reduce the amount of waste water. The integrated high-energising module with stainless steel spiral for clockwise-rotating water, rock crystal, coral sand and the information from Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca ensures soft and tasty water. In addition, the annual maintenance package is of outstanding value.

Height x Width x Depth: 525 mm x 400 mm x 178 mm

Water delivery rateto approx. 280 l/day (at approx. 6.5 bar water pressure)

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Standard Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 66-10

Jungbrunnen 66-10 The BestWater Jungbrunnen 66-10 and 66-11 molecular filter systems deliver water through the Direct Flow Mode, which means water production with no supply pressure vessel. Compact design and hardly any larger than a standard drink box. The system delivers up to 120 litres of pure and energised drinking water each hour. Trinkwasser ohne Radioaktivität certified among of other for removal of radioactive pollutants...

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With the high-performance membrane, the Jungbrunnen 66-10 and 66-11 guarantee at least 1.7 and even up to 2.0 litres of pure drinking water per minute. The molecular filter system is designed so that the membrane is rinsed automatically shortly after the production of 150 l of ultrapure water after which the water production then resumes immediately.

The components were optimised so that a ratio of ultrapure water to waste water of about 1 l : 1.2 l is achieved. The integrated high-energising module with stainless steel spiral for clockwise-rotating water, rock crystal, coral sand and the information from Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca ensures soft and tasty water.

Maße Jungbrunnen 66-10 (Höhe x Breite x Tiefe): 421 mm x 295 mm x 430 mm

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Advanced Direct Flow Reverse osmosis water filter 66-11

The Jungbrunnen 66-11 is the extended version of the Jungbrunnen 66-10. This water treatment system provides not only you with the purest drinking water, but also your washing machine and dishwasher with lime and pollution-free water...

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In order to ensure that there is always enough water immediately available, a reservoir pressure vessel is included with a capacity of 10 litres in the delivery component of the Jungbrunnen 66-11, which acts as an intermediate buffer. If you plan to operate the system with multiple consumers at the same time, we recommend that you select a correspondingly larger unit.

No other molecular filtration system for the home offers as many possibilities of application as the Jungbrunnen 66-11!

Height x Width x Depth 421 mm x 295 mm x 430

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Business Foyer Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Water dispenser

The Jungbrunnen 25-00 is a reverse osmosis water dispenser which filters drinking water in the machine and delivers the usual BestWater quality. A special feature of the Jungbrunnen 25-00 is that purest water is available at three temperature settings for you. ...

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At any time, you can have hot BestWater available for a delicious aromatic tea, a broth, a coffee or a quick meal. There is extra cool BestWater for soothing refreshments on hot days, after exercise or whenever you feel like it. Finally, of course, BestWater is available at a pleasant room temperature for those who do not find cold water pleasant. As you probably know, safety as well as quality is a top priority for BestWater International and that is why we have set up parental controls on the tap for the hot BestWater.

With the Jungbrunnen 25-00, the days of countless drinking water containers standing in your way and taking up space are gone. Use the space you will save for something meaningful and save yourself the trouble of fiddling with heavy and bulky water containers at the same time. Not once will you have to change a water tank on the Jungbrunnen 25-00. With its compact dimensions and sophisticated design, the Jungbrunnen 25-00 is a real eye-catcher and fits stylishly into any environment. As with all BestWater filter systems, the installation is incredibly simple and is child’s play to handle.

Height x Width x Depth 1,480 mm x 400 mm x 320 mm

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Gastro High End Gastronomy Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The Jungbrunnen 88-00 was developed specifically for the hospitality sector and use in commercial kitchens. The slim design and the related dimensions are perfectly suited for integration into standard kitchen cabinets. A very light aluminium housing, powder coated in black, has removable covers on all sides for better maintenance and ease of filter change...

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Water treatment in the pre-filter At the beginning of the process, the tap water is prepared in the sediment pre-filters for water purification. The sediment filter ensures that suspended particles and coarse particles are filtered out so that they do not enter into the high pressure pump.

High pressure pump and motor The pressure of the water supply is now raised by a high-performance pump to about 22 - 25 bar. All components of this pump are made of stainless steel and of the highest quality. The 1-kW electric motor provides continuous pressure and works with about 60% of its rated power. This ensures high reliability.

High-pressure lines All internal high-pressure lines are food safe and adapted to a pressure of 150 bar. All connections and manifolds are made of stainless steel and are also food safe.

40” high-pressure membranes from the company Filmtec Two 40“-TFC high-pressure membranes from Filmtec with a total capacity of 6,000 litres per day are used to remove almost all impurities (97-99%) from the tap water. The two high-pressure membranes are each located in a housing made of a twisted glass fibre membrane, which is designed for 35 bar. The membrane pressure is additionally displayed by two high pressure manometers. These are also made of stainless steel and filled with glycerine for better functioning.

Height x Width x Depth 750 mm - 810 mm, 300 mm, 520 mm

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Mobile Mobile Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The Jungbrunnen 55-00 Mobil molecular filter system from BestWater was designed for mobile use, for athletes, groups and small events – wherever clean water is needed for a short time or at frequently changing locations. As the Jungbrunnen 55-00 Mobile comes without storage pressure vessels, it is ready in minutes and delivers up to 800 litres of the cleanest drinking water per day in the usual BestWater quality...

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A compact and modern water treatment system based on reverse osmosis, the Jungbrunnen 55-00 Mobile can be carried anywhere. The advantages of the BestWater molecular filter systems of the Jungbrunnen series are combined with the simplicity and portability of the H&T-2 travelling system. This means that wherever fresh and pure drinking water is needed quickly, you can take the Jungbrunnen 55-00 Mobile with you and connect. All you need is a water connection and a power supply for 230V / 50Hz.

The Jungbrunnen 55-00 Mobile is constructed very ruggedly with a hard shell case and can be transported over rough terrain without problems. You can also take it to an event in the mountains and not have to worry that something will break inside the unit when it is dragged over stony ground. The complete molecular filter system is safe and secure in the stowed luggage.

Height x Width x Depth 410 mm x 340 mm x 140 mm

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Air filtration devices / air purifier- BestAir AirJet 500



Bestair Airjet 500 Air filter air purifier - BestAir AirJet 500

The Bestair AirJet 500 is a system for cleaning and disinfecting the ambient air in rooms, such as living rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and canteens. It kills bacteria and viruses, removes pollutants from the air, removes particulate matter PM2.5 and fine dust, heavy metals, pollen and allergenic, animal allergenic, Cigarette fume and many others. The filtration performance is 440 m3/h at 100%. The system consists of 5 stages of filtration to purify the air. In addition, the consumption of the filter inserts and the current degree of contamination of ambient air are displayed graphically in the display...

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The application areas of the AirJet 500 air filter are clear. Moreover, it works very effectively, no matter whether the air filter is installed at home or in the office. However, it should not be installed in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as, for instance, kitchens or bathrooms, as this may cause condensation inside the unit.

Due to the excellent air filtration, the AirJet 500 air filter can be easily installed in waiting rooms of doctors‘ surgeries, where viruses and bacteria are effectively removed from the air.

The intelligent system of the AirJet 500 automatically adjusts the air quality in line with the speed of the machine, so you can enjoy convenient operation of the unit and clean air at the same time. With the built-in dual air quality sensors for measurement and control of air quality (gases and aerosols), air quality can be accurately determined. In automatic mode, the system automatically selects the appropriate speed to ensure a high level of air quality in indoor environments.

Multiple filters

The AirJet 500 has a collection of multiple effect filters, such as a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and a photo-catalyst filter. In this way, more than 80 pollutants are effectively filtered from the air.

Efficient sterilisation

The 15 W high-power UV light can kill 95% of bacteria and viruses in the interior of a 30-square-meter room within 1 hour.

Negative ion generator

Negative oxygen ions and negative ions amount to up to 10,000,000 ions/cc. to make the air fresh and pleasant.

Cleaning speed (CADR) of up to 440 m³/h

The AirJet 500 air filter produces up to approx. 8.5 cubic meters of clean air per mi-nute. In 30 minutes, the „Ultra High Speed“ mode can clean 42 square metres of room air from various odours, smoke, dust, and VOC gases, as well as different types of bacteria, viruses and other air pollutants.

Quiet operation of under 26 dB

If the system is running at low speed, the volume is at most 26 db. which is equal to a whispering sound.

Intelligent air monitoring and removal of PM 2.5 particulate matter

On the LCD screen, the indoor air quality is visible at a glance. The Smart Sensor automatically adjusts the speed in relation to the air quality.

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Your benefits with Bestwater filter systems Flagge Deutschland Mitglied UN Global Compact

  • Bestwater International GmbH
  • Germany company and manufacturer
  • Water filter systems and air purifiers "Made in Germany"* [more »]
  • One of the leading manufacturer of water filter
  • Represented worldwide
  • Headquarter and production in Germany* [more »]
  • Nearly 30 years of experience since foundation
  • Promote from the German Federal Ministry [more »]
  • Environmentally conscious business management [more »]
  • UN Global Compact Member [more »]
Highest quality materials
  • High tech food-safe materials for long-term security
  • High-quality plastic granules free of plasticizers, phthalates and bisphenols 
  • No use of adhesives
  • Materials from chirurgical stainless steel free of nickel / copper / alloy / allergens [more »]
  • High quality faucet included in delivery
  • High-quality long-life filter membranes of Filmtec
  • Up to 30 years warranty incl. Membranes [more »]
Advanced technology
  • Elimination of up to over 99% of pollutants in drinking water
  • Direct Flow Systems without water tank
  • High flow rate
  • Economical ultrapure water / wastewater ratio
  • ultrapure water protection
  • Electronic control and automatic flushing
  • Certified free of phthalates and bisphenol A / plasticizer [more »]
  • Certification for the removal of microbiological germs [more »]
  • Certification for removal of radioactive substances JB 66-10 [more »]
  • Certifications DIN assessment specification, TÜV of individual systems [more »]
  • Energizing module for structured water [more »]
  • Extensive accessories, stainless steel faucet, water stopper in the delivery
  • Doctors are recommending BestWater [more »]
  • Save costs and transport of bottled water
If you find a water treatment system which meets at least 50% of the below criteria, we will give you our system for free! [more]
Details varies by different filter models




Further products for a higher quality of life

Tritan: Jars, bottles and canister free of pollutants

Trinkwasserbehälter aus schadstoffreiem Tritan, Polycarbonat oder Glas

Food safe jars, bottles, canisters, free of pullation Tritan, Polycarbonat, Glass

Shower filters, shower heads with water filter

Pure shower water for healthy skin and hair. Removes contaminants from shower water

Bestwater replacement filter prefilter

Replacement filter prefilter
Bestwater Jungbrunnen

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Bestair Airjet 500
Air filter air purifier

Bestair air filter air purifier Airjet 500

Bestair Airjet 500
Air filter air purifier



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